Dash Poem Letter Recipients — Start Here

The main purpose of this web site is to be a source of information for people that have received Linda Ellis’s Dash Poem Extortion Letter.   Having seen directly how victims react, they are often scared and do not know what to do.

That said, this site will also have a lot of other information about Linda Ellis and her copyright extortion scheme.

But, if you have just received a letter, do the following:

Note to people who don’t like to follow directions.  You can skip everything and simply click on the link below to get to all of the posts on this site that a letter recipient needs to read:


1.  Click on the Home page button on this blog’s menu.

2.  On the right hand site of the page (depending on your monitor, you might have to scroll down a little bit) you will see a section called “Categories”

3.  In the “Categories” section, click “Letter Recipients”.  This will bring up all of the posts that a letter recipient needs to read.   Read the posts, go to the links.  It will take less than 30 minutes.   I guarantee that this will calm your nerves and get you thinking clearly about how to respond.

4.  I do strongly suggest that click on the “Home” menu button again and read all of the other posts on here.  You will learn even more about what you are dealing with and how to deal with it effectively.


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