9/11 Victim Receives Linda Ellis Letter about her second 9/11 loss

April Brown, a prolific blogger on the Linda Ellis copyright extortion-letter scheme, was kind enough to share this victim’s story with me.   This is from an email that April received.  We both also have the letter that the victim received from Linda Ellis and I will be updating this post fairly soon with a link to the letter.  I added bold to two parts of the victim’s email.

We shared The Dash poem in a newsletter honoring my father-in-law after his passing. We received a letter from John W. Join on behalf of Linda Ellis demanding $7500 claiming we infringed on a copyright. As a family, we can’t believe that someone who claims to be an inspirational author would do this. We could fight back but so many challenges and sadness have completely drained our energy. You asked me to share with you what has happened since my brother’s passing on 9/11/01.

* 9/11 2001 My 30 year old brother died in the Towers.

* 9/11 2012 My father-in-law dies same day 11 years later.

* October 2012  – 3 weeks after father-in-law dies…

* My father’s rare cancer returns 5 years to the day. This time in his left lung. Previously bile duct.

* October 29, 2012 – Super Storm Sandy – Our summer home of 36 years is destroyed.

* My mother-in-laws summer home burns to the ground and so does my brother-in-laws.

* Holidays have been cancelled due to my father being in and out of the hospital and chemo taking any energy he has left.

* February 12 – Mom slips on black ice and breaks her wrist, no longer able to take care of house and dad for 6-8 weeks.

Thanks for listening to me today. (name withheld for now)

What is not in the timeline is that in early 2013, she received her letter from Linda Ellis demanding $7500.  I am saddened every day with what I learn.  It is late, time for bed.

Some artists might have just asked for attribution.  Some artists might have asked for the Dash Poem to be taken down.   Others, well – judge for yourself.


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